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Best Practices in College Skills That Align with the College Learning Outcomes
The purpose of this site is to provide an online resource of best practices that basic skills teachers at College of Marin, as well as others in the field, are using in order to lay the foundation for success as students move through our basic skills classes (ESL and English Skills) and into general education classes. The activities and resources are organized based on the College Learning Outcomes and the rubrics that are being currently piloted in general education classes.

1) Written and Oral Communication

2) Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

3) Information Literacy

4) General Tips, Strategies, and Approaches for Teaching Basic Skills

5) Current Statewide Focus on Basic Skills Completion

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SLOs for ESL Classes at COM:

Alignment of Outcomes from ESL Writing/Grammar Classes:

Alignment of Outcomes from ESL Reading/Vocabulary Classes:

COM College Learning Outcomes and the College-Wide Rubrics

FLEX Presentation Fall 2011

CATESOL 2012 Presentation: Increasing Student Success by Integrating SLOs and Best Practices:

College of Marin contributors: Rebecca Beal, Ruth Britton, Jeff Cady, Ellen Hoffman, Ingrid Kelly, David King, Linda Koffman, Cheo Massion, Beth Patel, Cara Statucki, Marti Sukoski, Liz Terplan, Adria Winfield, and Blaze Woodlief

Project coordinators: Beth Patel and Cara Statucki

Materials and research included from the following institutions, conferences, and organizations: Albion.com, Berkeley City College, Cabrillo College, California Community College Success Network, Center for Research on Education/Diversity/Excellence at UC Berkeley, Contributors to TESOL 2011 and CATESOL 2011, Everything ESL Network, Faculty Inquiry Network, Honolulu Community College,Kentfield School District, Laney College, ListenandWrite.com, the Los Angeles Unified School District, Montgomery College, the New York Times, North Bay Learning Network, Oakland Community College, Oxford Bookworms, the Purdue Online Writing Center, San Jose State University, University of Cincinnati, University of Minnesota, and the University of Virginia,

Project funded by the Basic Skills Initiative, College of Marin